#1 Wicked Rabbit | 1508 Harney Street

Venture through the looking glass for a hidden gem of cocktails and rare spirits. It is located near Hotel Deco and behind a “liquor shop.” Pay close attention to decor for a “wonderland” experience. 

#2 Alice West | 17070 Wright Plaza Suite 10

Curiouser and curious? Venture to The Wicked Rabbit’s West Omaha sister speakeasy for cocktails and spirits on-pare with a wonderland theme. The venue is under “Jams” and has plenty of room for all your favorite characters. 

#3 Kaitei | 6109 1/3 Maple St

Count their most extensive collection of Lucky Cats while sippin’ on saki bombs. Benson’s Japanese-theme speakeasy, Kaitei, is located under Ika Ramen & Izakaya. 

#4 Howard & Fine | 1011 Capitol Ave

An elegant speakeasy with a Moe & Curly theme will serve up the cocktails you’ve been craving. Be sure to walk the spiral staircase for an epic view of the Capitol District. 

#5 Osteria Segreto | 3910 Farnam St B

Known as “Blackstone’s best-kept secret,” this cozy vibe is tucked below Blackstone Social. Cozy up with a craft cocktail (and don’t forget to peep their socials for pop-up events, like Blizen). 

#6 Anna’s Place | 1802 Dodge St

Red? Come back later. Green? Come on in! You’ll be greeted by a hot scarlet light and greeted by a photograph of Anna Wilson, Omaha’s “Queen of the Underworld.” Gorgeous cocktails, loads of history.

#7 Laka Lono Rum Club | 

#8 Mercury

#9 The Berry & Rye