Elopement Photographer for the Adventure-ish

For those with wild hearts who still crave a “just us” experience (and not work too hard for it).

Nebraska-based & ready to travel
No travel fees within USA

What’s an “adventure-ish” couple?

>> Think not inviting mom is already a foreign enough concept
>> Love the views (hate the hiking)
>> Unique experience without calves burning
>> Wild heart (but even wilder about bedtime)
>> A Tuesdays picnic is good for us, too
>> Don’t care about societal norms (just each other)

Sound like you? Great! I’m here to say that you don’t need to hike Mt. Everest or rent a jet to cultivate an intimate wedding experience. We can drive up the mountain and walk a little bit. Heck – you guys can kiss in the backseat and I’ll drive! It’ll be wild!  ***jazz hands**

Why elope?

Because your wild kind of love shouldn’t be tamed or limited. 

>> Big productions aren’t your jam. 
>> Focus on your love & the commitment to be lifelong lovers. 
>> Pass on the pressures, and anxieties of an traditional day
>> Disconnect from societal expectations and limitations
>> Create a “just us” experience that reflects who you are together

You like them, they like you.

Let's make it official AF.

Your love is confident and independent but romantic and playful. Let's craft a day that reflects your love in the most authentic way possible.