Hi! I’m Sam.

….a slightly quirky, slightly adventurous elopement photographer with big ideas serving slightly quirky, slightly adventurous couples who want their elopement to scream “THIS IS SO US.”

What does that look like to me? 

Wildly in love couples crave a genuine wedding experience. It’s a once in a life time chance to express your love with the one that matters most (so make it epic). Allow me to capture allllllll the mushies, laughs and smiles.

More than a photographer.

I do more than tell funny dad jokes and snap photos. An elopement isn’t just a photo shoot. I care deeply about all of my couples and want them to have an wonderful time.

I don’t like off-the-wall poses that seem forced. I want my couples to feel comfortable enough to be silly, vulnerable, and feel the experience. It’s my job to soak up the vibes and capture those raw moments. 

Choosing to elope means putting your love front and center. Shall we get to planning?


Based in Nebraska and ready to pack my bags


Lover of camping & s'mores makin'


Two furbabies that love snuggles and catnip


Happily married to an adventurous-ish lover


Loves the Beatles & George Ezra


Mega crush on Adam Sandler

Love Languages: 

How to have >> magic << over me? Love languages, bb! 

Top Choice //  Physical Touch: Loves to hug and make up secret hand shakes. 

Then hit me w/ Words of Affirmations: Encourage, afirm, and appreciate by sending me unexpected texts or reviews on Google. 

Love me Some Quality Time: Uninterrupted and focused conversations make me happy. 

Aiiiight Acts of Service: Use phrases like, “I’ll help you by…” and then follow through with it. 

Not as Stellar Buuttt Receiving Gifts: Thoughful small gifting gestures are appreciated. 

“Sam is the best copywriter I know. If you’re looking for someone to write SEO driven blogs, take photos, and create content – she’s your girl.”

Jodi Carper

Owner & Creative Director, The Party Bar

You like them, they like you.

Let's make it official AF.

Your love is confident and independent but romantic and playful. Let's craft a day that reflects your love in the most authentic way possible.