How to Get Married at Electric Forest

Ultimate Guide to Planning An Electric Forest Wedding

I. Electric Forest Wedding:  Admittance & Stay 

Ticket Sales & the Loyalty Program

Securing a ticket for Electric Forest is overwhelming. It sets the bar high for other festivals as one of the most popular camping festivals in the world. Tickets sell out quickly, often within hours. Their loyalty program is one of the most robust of other festivals, rewarding attendees who have attended at least one year. For more details, you can visit the website.

How to Earn Loyalty

To earn loyalty, you must attend the festival and register your wristband in the EF App during the event. It doesn’t matter how you purchased the tickets as long as you register your wristband with the same email address. 

Loyalty Tiers

Originally, loyalty was only for those who had attended the festival four times, known as “4 in the forest.” However, as the festival has grown and gained loyal fans, additional tiers have been introduced. Loyalty tiers are available for attendees who have been to the festival 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 times.

Tiers 1, 2, and 3

There are no specific loyalty tiers for attendees who have attended the festival less than four times or didn’t attend the most recent year. However, their years of loyalty still accumulate, and once they reach four or more years, they never lose their loyalty status.

Perks of the Loyalty Program

The loyalty program offers several perks to its members. The major perks include:

  • Access to a special loyalty sale before the general public sale
  • Guaranteed GA or GL (Good Life) ticket(s)
  • The higher your loyalty, the earlier you can purchase tickets, and the greater your chances of getting limited camping packages.

In addition to these major perks, some changes have occurred over the years. However, the available perks that loyalty program members receive include:

  • Discount on regular GA or Good Life tickets
  • Members with 4+ loyalty years receive a pin, granting expedited entry into the venue for them and two others each day.
  • Members with 6+ loyalty years receive exclusive access to a party or concert.

II. Electric Forest Lodging & Camping Options 

Lodging Options

This Rothbury camping festival is an exciting event that attracts nearly 90,000 folks from around the world. As the festival takes place over several days, lodging becomes a concern for participants. Finding suitable accommodations is crucial to ensure a comfortable and convenient experience. 

General Camping Admission (GA)

The most common wristband includes access to the campgrounds and venue. 

If you want to go camping without the car, look into GA Tent-Only. It’s a great option for those looking to shuttle or be dropped off. 

We all hope to be placed within 5 minutes of the venue, but all spots are assigned at random. There’s no secret sauce or formula that helps you gain a better spot. It’s best to do an early arrival pace (but even then, we can’t guarantee a good spot). 

There will always be restrooms (shitty porta potty) within 5 minutes of your camp. If it’s possible, bring your own toilet. Nonetheless, bring your own toilet paper, headlamp, and wet wipes. Avoid using your phone to see what you’re doing at night. It can end in a crappy situation. 

Showering isn’t free here. It’s a whopping $10 to scrub the scum off your junk. When in doubt, take a “wook bath” with baby wipes. Note: shower lines can get awkward + long, and times are limited. Typical hours for showers are from 8 AM to 8 PM. 

Conveniently, there are vendors that sell ice, food, and clothing that exist within the campsite. There’s one in the back that’s open 24/7. 

Info booths + neighborhood pods: If you lost something, need medical help, or need to ask a question, head here. 

General Admissions tends to have plenty of characters. View it as an opportunity to make new friends. Everyone you meet is a chance to learn something new. 

On-site Camping

Obviously, as a camping festival, most folk camp. The most common From GA Camping to exclusive cabins, you’ll want to find suitable accommodation to ensure comfort and a convenient experience. 

Maplewood Camping Experience 

There’s plenty of shade to share in this upgraded camping experience. Located within a few minutes walk from the venue, enjoy A/C bathroom + showers. You must have the right clearance to get in as security checks wristbands. 

Here are a few items to bring:

  • It’s shady here, but in the (more than likely) case of rain, bring a canopy to hang out in. 
  • Bring a wagon to carry stuff to the campsite. You will not be near your vehicle. 
  • Stretch out! Campsites are also not measured out like General Admission sites. 

Effortless Camping Experience 

Just as it sounds, “effortless” camping includes a commemorative pre-set-up tent in a private camping area near a/c restrooms + showers. Also, you get to take home two sleeping bags + two sleeping pads. 

The effortless camping entrance is located directly south of Maplewood, very close to the venue entrance and Mainstreet. 

Again – You’re not camping near your car, so bring a wagon to carry stuff. Hopefully, you won’t have that much junk.

You won’t be able to load in for Tuesday’s early arrival, but you can purchase a Wednesday early arrival pass.

Camp Hush Camping Experience

New to 2022, Camp Hush is an upgraded GA campground known for its quiet experience, bigger spaces, and access to A/C restrooms + showers. People choose camp hush (even over Camp Higher Love) who want better sleep.

 You are not eligible for Tuesday early arrival, but you can grab the Wednesday early arrival pass. 

Take a shuttle directly to the main venue from your campsite located directly north of Camp Higher Love. 

Camp Higher Love

New to 2023, Camp Higher Love is an upgraded GA camping experience with bigger spaces + access to private showers + A/C restrooms. 

Located north of Maplewoods camping, connect at the “Higher Love Lounge” with fellow Forest Family members for a relaxing experience. 

Keep in mind that Regular GA ticket holders cannot get into Camp Hire Love. It’s an upgraded experience. You will not be able to load in on Tuesday, but you can for Wednesday’s early arrival. 

Lucky Lake Camping Experience 

New to 2023, Lucky Lake Camping Experience is an upgraded GA experience nearby campground directly south of regular GA camping where participants get access to private A/C restrooms/showers, swimming in Lucky Lake + nightly hosted beachside bonfires. 

The campsites are large and mostly shaded underneath trees. Camp with a car/tent or with an RV (make sure to have the Lucky Lake RV pass). 

Take the 24-hour shuttle that runs from Lucky Lake to the Tripolee shuttle stop near the venue entrances. There’s also an easy walking path to get to entertainment.

As this camping experience is slightly off the beaten path, expect it to be a more relaxed environment than the General Admission (GA) campgrounds. Again, you won’t be able to participate in Tuesday load-in, but you can purchase a Wednesday early arrival pass. 

Good Life Camping Experience

We finally upgraded to Good Life in 2023. It was well worth the extra money. Good Life = VIP. You’ll get access to multiple venue entrance points, A/C bathrooms, free showers, and an after-hours stage. Inside the venue, perks include special hang-out areas and viewing zones across several stages. 

Most folks find themselves camping in Good Life Village or Sherwood Court Tent-Only (without their vehicles). But there are limited options for pre-set tents, like “A/C Landing” and other upgraded options. 

Our campground entrance is very far from GA + off a different street. You’ll need to double-check the website for the correct entrance + driving instructions prior to arrival. 

If you’re going to spend every night at RV afterparties, be prepared for a walk + long ride w/ the 24-hour shuttle bus. 

Good Life Village

This adptly named festival campground divided into two sections: Good Life West and Good Life East. The early birds snag spots in Good Life West, closest to the venue entrances, while others join once it fills up. Three entrances await you: Ranch Arena, Sherwood Forest, and Sherwood Court. But the best part? You can go from camp to stage in a flash!

Right near the entrance of Good Life West, a row of porta-potties stands ready to serve your nature’s call. And don’t forget the shuttle bus pick-up spot to the left. Hop on, and it’ll take you to the water park, GA camping, the pool, and other GL campgrounds.

Now, here’s the real treasure: a hidden entrance to Sherwood Forest at the back right side of the campground. It’s less than a 5-minute walk from anywhere in GL and leads you straight to the Honeycomb and the Observatory. And guess what? About 100 yards to the left is another entrance, this time to the Ranch Arena. Follow the pathway, and voila! You’ll find yourself on the left side of the stage.

But what about those essential bathroom breaks? Fear not! Back by the Forest entrance, you’ll discover bathroom trailers and shower trailers. They’re well-maintained with air conditioning, flushable toilets, sinks, and real toilet stalls with doors. The showers are free, open 24/7, but warm water may require a bit of luck. You’ll find additional shower trailers near the Ranch Arena entrance and close to the ice truck by Good Life West.

And let’s not forget hydration! Water fill stations are conveniently located to the right of the Sherwood Forest entrance, so fill up your reservoirs before entering the venue. No more waiting in water lines inside! There are also water stations to the left of the Ranch Arena entrance.

Sherwood Court Tent-Only

Sherwood Court Tent-Only is  another fabulous tent-only offering in Good Life. Prepare for an adventure as you’re directed to a designated parking area where you bid farewell to your vehicle. But fear not, for it’s all part of the fun! You’ll then embark on a gear-laden walk to your cozy campsite, ready to create memories under the starlit sky.

And here’s a little secret: Sherwood Court Tent-Only has its own special entrance directly into the Sherwood Court stage. Talk about convenience! You’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from epic performances and unforgettable moments.

But wait, there’s more! In Good Life Village and Sherwood Court, friendships know no boundaries. You’re free to visit friends in either area, but there’s a small catch. If not everyone in your group has the same camping type (Village or Sherwood Court), make sure the designated driver wears the wristband that matches the desired camping area. We wouldn’t want any accidental adventures to the wrong campground!

A/C Landing

At A/C Landing, you’ll discover the epitome of luxury camping with pre-set tents designed to pamper you and your festival partner. Step into the air-conditioned shift-pod, a refuge from the scorching sun, and revel in the convenience of electricity at your fingertips. No need to fret about bedding either, as it’s thoughtfully provided for you. And when it’s time to rest, you can choose between the coziness of two twin beds or the spaciousness of a queen bed, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.

This enchanting campground is strategically located just north of Good Life Village, where the festival spirit is in full swing, and south of the Sherwood Court Tent-Only camping area, where adventure awaits. It’s the perfect spot to retreat to after a day of dancing and revelry, offering a cool respite and a peaceful escape from the festival frenzy.

Electric Avenue

Located on the south side of Good Life Village west, Electric Avenue is a vibrant hub within the festival. Here, you have access to all the wonderful amenities that Good Life has to offer, ensuring your festival experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Quick access into the main venue is just a stone’s throw away, whether you choose to enter through the lively Ranch Arena or the enchanting Sherwood Forest.

Now, a word of wisdom: pack a fan! While Electric Avenue provides electricity, it’s highly advisable to bring a fan to keep cool and beat the summer heat. Trust me; your festival experience will be all the more enjoyable with a refreshing breeze.

Additionally, consider bringing some form of shade to create a comfortable hangout area outside of your tent. It’s always nice to have a spot where you can relax, unwind, and soak in the festival vibes while taking a break from the festivities.

Good Life Bungalows

As a guest of the Good Life Bungalows, you’ll have exclusive access to the shaded Bungalow Lounge, a 24/7 retreat where you can unwind and connect with your fellow festival-goers. It’s the ideal place to recharge and share stories of your incredible experiences. Plus, you’ll have access to all the wonderful amenities of Good Life and the vibrant Good Life Village, immersing you in the heart of the festival magic.

But the perks don’t end there!

As you step into your pre-set safari tent, you’ll discover a cozy setup for 3 or 4 people. Each tent features twin cots with pillows and blankets for a restful night’s sleep. A hanging light, side table, tent lock, and outlet for charging electronics are also provided, ensuring you have all the essentials at your fingertips. And fear not, the tent is equipped with two zippers—one to the outside for easy access and one to the inside for protection from those pesky bugs.

And let’s not forget the special privileges that come with your Good Life ticket. As a Good Life Bungalows guest, you’ll enjoy access to the Good Life Welcome Party on Wednesday at the Back 40 pool, kicking off your festival adventure in style. Plus, Wednesday early arrival is complimentary, giving you even more time to settle in and start creating unforgettable memories. Please note that this ticket does not grant access to Tuesday load-in.

Back 40

Back 40 is an upgraded realm within Good Life that offers an exclusive and intimate camping experience. Located further away from the venue, this shaded oasis provides a serene atmosphere reminiscent of Maplewoods.

Back 40 offers various camping options, allowing small groups to camp together or with an RV. These packages include 2-10 wristbands, ensuring that you and your companions can enjoy the festival together. Additionally, Back 40 is home to the highly coveted Log Cabins, Log Homes, and Enchanted Experience, offering unparalleled luxury and comfort for the lucky few who secure them.

As a Back 40 camper, you have access to the thrilling waterpark and the refreshing Back40 Pool, along with all the wonderful amenities of Good Life. But that’s not all! Back 40 is also home to the charming Back 40 Western Town, nestled within the Double JJ Resort. Here, you’ll find an array of delightful shops, adding a touch of western charm to your festival experience.

Situated east of Sherwood and south of Good Life Village, Back 40 provides a peaceful and secluded atmosphere. It’s a haven for veteran foresters and staff, making it a place where the festival experience is cherished and celebrated.

To ensure convenient transportation, a shuttle service is available to take you to regular Good Life, as well as GA and other areas. However, be prepared for some walking, especially late at night, as the shuttle wait times can be a bit long or inconsistent. Embrace the adventure and let the journey become part of the experience.

Please note that the Log Homes, Log Cabins, and Enchanted Experience are extremely limited and highly sought-after. They are typically first offered to those who stayed the previous year to renew their bookings, and the limited availability is quickly claimed by those with the highest loyalty.

Back 40 hosts a lot of lodging options here are some basic features of each: 

Back 40 Camping (credit /u/DA_MOSS)
  • Large, shaded campsites sectioned off for the 2-6 people
  • Unlike most of the GL options, Wednesday check-in is an additional add-on
  • Some power outlets and water hookups available
Log Cabins (credit /u/twwatson)
  • Cabins for 4 to 6 people, each with their own unique style/layout
  • Placed in a loop in shaded area of Back 40 with areas to park your car nearby
  • Super lush interior and exterior amenities
  • For a video walkthrough, watch here
Log Homes (credit /u/twwatson)
  • Largest and most spacious lodging option for 6 to 10 people
  • Open concept living area with full kitchen
  • Located in a shady area with parking nearby

Enchanted Experience

The Enchanted Experience brings you an oasis of luxury with an A/C tent that comes pre-set with all the amenities you could desire. Step into your private sanctuary and bask in the comfort and coolness provided. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

To make your experience even more extraordinary, the Enchanted Experience offers an exclusive golf cart shuttle service. Glide effortlessly through the festival grounds, enjoying easy transportation to enhance your exploration and convenience.

As an Enchanted Experience camper, you’ll have access to a special lounge where you can indulge in refreshing drinks and more. Unwind in this exclusive space designed to cater to your comfort and relaxation, creating a serene retreat amidst the festival excitement.

But that’s not all! Your Enchanted Experience grants you access to the coveted artist compound, located near the Ranch Arena stage. Here, you can immerse yourself in the creative energy, getting closer to the heart of the festival and enjoying privileged views of exceptional performances.

Frontier Suites

The Frontier Suites are named after legendary figures of the wild west, each offering a distinctive experience. Choose between the Billy The Kid suite, accommodating 2-6 people, or the Calamity Jane and Doc Holiday suites, both ideal for groups of 4-8 people. These exceptional suites provide an unparalleled level of luxury and are sought after not only during the festival but also throughout the year as part of the hotel/resort experience at Double JJ Resort.

Nestled in a secluded and tranquil area, the Frontier Suites provide a serene escape from the festival buzz. Located further away from the main venue, on the picturesque Thoroughbred Golf Course, you’ll enjoy peace and privacy amidst the natural beauty of the surroundings. Plus, you’ll have convenient access to the Sundance Saloon & Grill, where delectable dining options await, and the Gold Rush Indoor Water Park, adding a touch of excitement to your stay.

Please note that the Log Homes, Log Cabins, and Enchanted Experience are also highly limited and in great demand. These exclusive accommodations are typically offered to returning guests first, allowing them to renew their bookings. The availability of these options is extremely limited, and those with the highest loyalty tend to secure them before general availability.

Group Camping Experience 

Have a group of 20 or more? See how Group Camping works at Electric Forest. 

Official Group Camping

These highly sought-after passes may not go on sale until late January, but be prepared because they sell out in the blink of an eye.

For an additional cost of $85 per person, you can join the official group camping, which offers a stress-free arrival process. Unlike regular camping, you don’t have to arrive all at once. This means you and your group can arrive at different times, making coordination much easier. Additionally, the designated group camping area is a square or rectangular predefined space, allowing you to create an epic campsite or build an impressive EZ UP fort.

The stress level for group camping is generally low, although slightly higher for the group leaders who take charge of organizing and coordinating. But fear not, because the fun level is off the charts! Official group camping provides an awesome opportunity to connect with like-minded festival-goers, fostering a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

To participate in official group camping, you’ll need a minimum of 20 people in your group. Each group will require one parking pass per three people, ensuring convenient parking for your entire crew.

It’s important to note that official group camping passes are in high demand and sell out quickly. So, when they become available, make sure everyone in your group is prepared to purchase their passes right away. Quick action is key to securing your spot in this unforgettable camping experience.

Unofficial Group Camping

Looking for a fun and flexible camping option with your friends? Unofficial group camping might be just what you need! With this method, you and your friends all arrive at the festival grounds together, creating a caravan of camping excitement. It works well for groups of 2-5 cars, but we’ve also seen and done much larger caravans with 15+ cars.

The best part? There’s no additional cost associated with unofficial group camping. You simply need to coordinate your arrival and enter the venue together. This method offers a medium level of stress, as timing and coordination are crucial to securing campsites in close proximity to each other.

When it comes to fun, the level is high! Unofficial group camping allows you and your friends to enjoy the camaraderie and shared experience of setting up camp side by side. You’ll have the opportunity to create a vibrant and lively camping area, perfect for fostering lasting memories.

Typically, unofficial group camping is set up in a line of consecutive campsites. Although the specific layout may vary, this arrangement allows for easy interaction and a sense of community among your group.

The beauty of unofficial group camping is that there are no specific requirements to meet. As long as you and your friends arrive together, you can create your own campsite configuration and embrace the festival spirit.

When it comes to parking, it’s usually free for unofficial group camping unless you’re a single occupant. Festival organizers may have specific guidelines regarding parking fees, so be sure to check the official Electric Forest information for the latest details.

It’s crucial to note that for unofficial group camping to work effectively, everyone in your group must arrive at the SAME TIME. The campground is filled in rows, randomly assigning spots without the ability to accommodate late arrivals or save space for others.

Camp Reddit

This unofficial group camping option is a fantastic way to connect with fellow festival-goers, especially if you’re solo or prefer not to camp alone.

Camp Reddit operates exclusively as unofficial group camping to allow for greater flexibility. This means that even if you decide to join at the last minute, you can still be part of this vibrant community. Official group camping tends to sell out closer to the announcement in February or March, making it less accommodating for spontaneous participants.

Camp Reddit has been organizing these group camps for several years, fostering a sense of camaraderie and lasting friendships among its participants. Many of the moderators themselves started as camp leaders and have formed enduring bonds with their fellow campers.

To keep Camp Reddit thriving, each year requires a volunteer to step up and lead a camp. If you find yourself wondering why there isn’t a Camp Reddit for a specific campground or arrival day, the answer is usually that no one has volunteered yet. If you’re interested in taking on this role, don’t hesitate to reach out to the moderators. They will be more than happy to guide you and provide the necessary information.

So, if you’re looking to join an incredible community, make new friends, and create unforgettable memories, Camp Reddit is the place to be.

Her Forest

 Her Forest is a special group camp created by EFHQ, specifically designed for individuals who identify as women to come together and camp in a safe and supportive environment. It provides a unique space where women can connect, form friendships, and share in the camaraderie of the festival.

To participate in Her Forest, you’ll need to purchase a group camping pass similar to the “official” group camping option when it is announced. This pass grants you access to the designated Her Forest group camping area, allowing you to join a community of like-minded individuals and experience the festival in a supportive and welcoming setting.

Her Forest is an excellent option for women attending the festival solo or for those who simply desire the companionship and solidarity of other women. It offers a space where you can feel comfortable, empowered, and celebrated, while forging connections with fellow festival-goers who share similar experiences and perspectives.

By joining Her Forest, you become part of a vibrant and empowering community within Electric Forest. Embrace the opportunity to connect with inspiring women, forge new friendships, and create unforgettable memories together. Let the spirit of Her Forest guide you on a journey of celebration, growth, and unity.

Camp Traction

Camp Traction is another remarkable group camp created by EFHQ at Electric Forest. Camp Traction is specifically designed for individuals who wish to enjoy the festival experience without the use of drugs or alcohol. It provides a supportive and inclusive space where like-minded individuals can come together, connect, and celebrate the festival while adhering to their personal choices. 

Off-site Camping

Want to stay off-site? Good luck! Rothbury’s is a very small town, and most of the hotels are occupied by employees. If you must stay off-site, book hotels or airBNBs well in advance. 

Do note there are zero Uber or Lyft drivers (so you’ll need to stay sober or hire a Designated Driver) to get to and from. There’s a free “Day Lot” on-site. To avoid getting towed, you’ll need to leave within one hour after the festival ends. 

I don’t recommend staying off-site because you’ll miss out on fun activities within the campground, like RV after parties. 

For those with higher loyalty (or folks with really good luck), there are packages that allow you to stay in cabins or frontier suits. Folks who’ve said in them previously get first dibs. I wouldn’t count on nabbin’ these tickets.

III. Electric Forest Wedding: Budget & Costs

Before the Festival 

Tickets: Get a better understanding of what ticket you want before they go on sale….and have that secured in the account. Tickets are hard to get (and you don’t want your bank bouncing on ticket sale day). 

Getting There & Home: Will you fly or drive? Budget how much it’ll take to actually get you to the festival and back home. 

Extras: It’s so fun to dress up; bring “gifts” and toys to play with here. Budget a little cash for these extra items you want.

What to wear? 

What to wear for your wedding? 

Where to buy toys on the cheap? 

What to pack in the backpack / Day backpack? 

I should really make a packing list….

During the Festival

You know yourself better than anyone else. Plan to set a budget based on how you want to spend your money. Some people plan ahead and don’t spend any extra money, and some spend WAY too much money here. 

Most EF apparel runs $30-150 bucks. You can always order online before or after the event. Consider the money spent on vendors as well. 

If you’re going to drink inside the venue, plan to spend $13-30 per drink. Pro-tip: Order double redbull vodkas to save time tumbling through the crowd to sit in the beer line. 

Food runs $10-20 bucks for a simple meal as well. 

The festival is now cashless. Plan to use a credit card or ApplePay. For those that arrive with cash, they offer booths that exchange it for prepaid cards. No ATMs on site. There’s no “wristband load up” zone. 

Optional Add-Ons

Vehicle/Parking Pass

Anyone arriving in a vehicle will need a vehicle pass

With the exception of a few of the higher-tier Good Life packages (all except Good Life Village and Sherwood Ct Tent Only)

GA Wednesday Arrival Parking

Get ready to maximize your Electric Forest experience with GA Wednesday Arrival Parking. This fantastic option allows you to arrive at the festival grounds after 12pm on Wednesday and park your vehicle until midnight. It’s the perfect opportunity to kick off your festival adventure a little earlier and enjoy some extra time to camp and chill with your friends.

Whether you’re rocking a GA or GA+ ticket, this perk is available for anyone in those categories. The best part? You only need one GA Wednesday Arrival Parking pass per vehicle. That means, if you have this pass, you won’t need a separate vehicle pass.

Please keep in mind that while the venue itself won’t open until Thursday, there will be limited food and merchandise vendors available on Wednesday. It’s a great chance to grab some tasty treats and pick up some festival swag before the full festivities commence.

It’s important to note that GA Wednesday Arrival Parking does not guarantee a closer parking spot, as the allocation of parking spaces is entirely random. However, don’t let that dampen your excitement. Embrace the adventure, find the perfect spot for your camp, and get ready to create unforgettable memories at Electric Forest.

Oh, and one more thing! If you’re part of the Good Life family, you’re in luck. GA Wednesday Arrival Parking is complimentary for Good Life ticket holders, adding even more value to your extraordinary festival experience.

GA Tuesday Arrival Parking

This exclusive option grants you the opportunity to arrive at the festival grounds after 12pm on Tuesday and secure your parking spot until midnight. It’s the ultimate way to extend your festival experience and savor some extra time camping and chilling with your friends.

Please note that GA Tuesday Arrival Parking is specifically available for regular GA ticket holders. Unfortunately, those in Group Camping, Maplewoods, and similar categories cannot take advantage of this perk. But fear not, regular GA attendees, because this opportunity is all yours!

The best part? You only need one GA Tuesday Arrival Parking pass per vehicle. That means you won’t require an additional vehicle pass if you have this pass. Streamlining your festival entry process, it allows you to focus on the fun-filled adventures that await you.

While the venue itself won’t open until Thursday, limited food and merchandise vendors will be available on Tuesday. Take advantage of this early access to grab some delectable bites and snag festival goodies before the full festivities commence.

It’s important to note that GA Tuesday Arrival Parking does not guarantee a closer parking spot, as parking allocation is completely random. Nevertheless, embrace the spirit of adventure and turn any spot into your own festival haven. Find the perfect spot to set up camp, connect with fellow festival-goers, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

GA/GL/Lucky Lake/B40 RV

If you’re ready to take your Electric Forest experience to the next level, there are RV add-ons available for GA, Lucky Lake, Good Life, and Back 40 campgrounds. However, securing these coveted RV add-ons can be quite challenging, as they are extremely limited and in high demand. To increase your chances of obtaining one, having several years of loyalty can work in your favor.

Depending on the campground, RV add-ons may offer power hookups only or include both power and water connections. These add-ons provide you with the convenience of on-site utilities, ensuring a comfortable and seamless camping experience.

One of the major advantages of having an RV pass is the larger space it provides. RV campers enjoy a generous camping area, allowing for ample room to set up your RV and create a cozy outdoor living space. Additionally, many RV spaces also accommodate a companion vehicle, making it easier for you and your friends to travel together.

Speaking of friends, RV campers often have the luxury of hosting their friends’ tents nearby. So, if you manage to secure an RV add-on, there’s usually space available for your friends to pitch their tents, creating a vibrant and connected camping experience.

Remember, the availability of RV add-ons is limited, and securing one can be quite challenging unless you have built up several years of loyalty. So, keep that Electric Forest spirit alive, plan ahead, and cross your fingers for the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable RV adventure within the festival grounds.

IV. Electric Forest Wedding: Travel Considerations


Shove everything in an SUV & hit the road. The drive to Rothbury is what most folks do. New to 2023, you must purchase a vehicle pass so they can plan for the number of cars arriving on site. 

Don’t try to fit more than three people per car if camping in General Admission. You’ll get ripped on a campsite per vehicle (12′ x 30′). It’ll be uncomfortable being piled on top of each other for that many days. 

Make sure you don’t draw attention to your vehicle to avoid being searched or pulled over. For example, don’t write “Getting Hitched at The Forest” on the windows. Also, keep your review clear and visible. 

Arrive with a full tank of gas, as nearby stations will be packed after the festival is over. 

Perks to Driving

  • Access to electric (especially in GA) for charging phones
  • Can lock up items within vehicle 


The best flying hack would be to book the flight via Southwest. They offer two free check bags! So, check in your canopy + coolers as a bag. 

Grand Rapids is the nearest airport. But other airports include:

  • Chicago: 3.5 – 4 hour drive
  • Detroit: 3-hour drive

Pop on the Facebook Groups to hitch a ride, take a shuttle or hire a car for the final drive home.

Perks to Flying

Sam looks like you forgot this bullet list. 🙂 


Personally, I’ve never taken the shuttle bus. We normally drive to the event. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an efficient way to arrive at the festival.

As an environmentally-sound and affordable option, the shuttle runs from most major cities within the area, including:

  • Muskegon
  • Grand Rapids
  • Detroit
  • Chicago
  • NYC

Perks to Shuttle 

  • Need snacks or equipment? The shuttle makes a Walmart stop! 
  • Tickets go on sale January/February from (an easy-to-use site)
  • No need for a parking pass & you’ll get Wednesday early arrival at no add’l cost. 
  • If you’re General Admission Camping, folks arriving via shuttle get GA Tent-only (which is VIP, including exclusive entrances). Never full. So, plenty of space. 

V. Getting Into the Festival & Setting up Camp 

Entry Process

Over 50,000 people attend the festival…and most need to enter the same entrance. As a rule of thumb, wear something comfortable for the drive-in, and bring snacks and something to drink near. OH….and your patience! 

We always travel into the festival for early arrival Tuesday or Wednesday and never have a line to wait in. If you go later, expect delays. 

Meeting with a group? Plan to meet outside the festival area and caravan in together. Security checks may separate you, but pull off to the side to get back in order. Otherwise, you might not camp near each other. 

The Search

Practice PLUR here. Be friendly, kind, and cooperative. Keep the real reason for security in mind. They’re looking for things that can cause harm, such as weapons, fireworks, and glass. Please don’t bring these items, and don’t be a jerk to them. After all, they’re just trying to keep everyone safe. Check for prohibited items.


Once you’ve passed security, you can wait in the “find my friends” lot or head to your new home for the weekend. Most parking assistants will ask you how many cars are in your group, and they’ll help you regroup into a location to stay together. 

Once they’ve placed you, don’t move. It confused everyone and slowed the process for the rest of the attendees. 

Pro-tip: After you park your car, grab a few large items to mark your territory. You all get the *relatively* same amount of space, but IYKYK. 

Setting up Camp

As mentioned before, it’s beneficial to be fast and strategic with your space. Josh and I always claim our spot by placing our tent up, then our shaded canopies, followed by table/chairs and decor. 

As you’re setting up, you’ll want to meet the neighbors. You never know when you’ll need to borrow something or trade-off looking after each other’s stuff. 

It’s a beautiful thought to believe everyone practices PLUR. Buuuuut, don’t be stupid when it comes to locking up valuables inside the car. Don’t take the risk! 

It’s a good idea to pack a backpack with the intention of never coming back to camp for the day, including keeping the sunrise and sunset in mind. The sunrise happens at 6:00 AM. The sunset happens at 10:00 PM. If you do come back to camp, re-adjust the backpack accordingly. 

VI. The Festival Grounds

Entry (Line/Search)

From all the GA and GA+ campgrounds, you’ll find the one and only “Main Entrance” situated on the South end of the venue, conveniently located near the majestic ferris wheel. As you approach, take note that the Lost & Found area is to the right, while the bathrooms are located to the left, ensuring convenient access for all festival-goers.

Imagine multiple camping areas converging into this central space, forming a massive line that is often organized with barricades. Here, you’ll embark on an exciting journey through the security checkpoint, which consists of a bag search, metal detector screening, and a wristband scanner. This is where you’ll high-five the beautiful souls entering the venue for the first, second, and even third time, sharing in the anticipation and joy.

To make your entry as smooth as possible, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations governing what is allowed inside the venue. This will help expedite the process and ensure a hassle-free entry. Totem enthusiasts, pay special attention to the guidelines regarding permissible materials to avoid spending weeks crafting something that ultimately stays behind at the campsite.

One final tip: designate a well-known meeting location to reunite with friends after passing through security. Different lines may move at different speeds, and having a pre-determined meeting spot will save you from confusion and unnecessary wandering. Clear communication and a designated spot will help your group regroup efficiently and ensure that everyone starts the festival experience together.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the VIP campgrounds, such as GL and other VIP areas. Here, the lines are typically shorter, and security measures remain in place to ensure safety and order. VIP campers enjoy the privilege of having entrances to multiple points in the venue, including convenient access near Ranch Arena, within the heart of Sherwood Forest, and up North near Sherwood Court. While VIP campers can venture into the GA area and access the venue through the Main Entrance, please note that GA friends cannot join VIP campers through the designated VIP entrances.

Take a moment to absorb the excitement and significance of the present moment. After months of anticipation and preparation, you are here, right now, at Electric Forest. Embrace the energy, the music, and the sense of belonging. Take a deep breath and revel in the fact that you are about to embark on an extraordinary weekend. Whether you feel the urge to dance, or maybe you’re contemplating a bathroom break, let the anticipation fuel your excitement as you make your way through the venue. It’s time to gather your group, get your gear together, and let the magic of Electric Forest guide you towards an unforgettable experience.


Within the festival venue, you’ll discover a total of eight stages, each offering its unique atmosphere and a multitude of sonic experiences. These stages serve as the pulsating heartbeats of Electric Forest, beckoning fans to gather and embark on an unforgettable musical journey.

As the main attraction, Sherwood Forest stands as an enchanting centerpiece, captivating festival-goers with its magical allure. Step into this mystical realm and let your senses come alive amidst the vibrant lights, captivating art installations, and hidden surprises that await within its wooded embrace.

The festival hours allow ample time for fans to fully indulge in the electrifying performances. On Thursday, the venue opens its gates from 2:00pm, providing an early start to the festivities until 3:00am. Friday and Saturday extend the celebration, welcoming fans from 11:30am to 4:00am, ensuring non-stop music and enchantment throughout the day and night. Finally, on Sunday, the venue opens at 11:30am and offers fans an electrifying experience until 3:00am, allowing for one final day of revelry and musical bliss.

From the diverse lineup of artists gracing the stages to the immersive experiences within Sherwood Forest, Electric Forest promises to be a musical playground that invites you to explore, dance, and connect with like-minded individuals. Prepare to lose yourself in the magic of the stages, immerse yourself in the artistry, and create memories that will resonate long after the festival concludes.


Tripolee, the first stage to ignite the festival with pulsating beats and electrifying performances. As you pass through the venue gates, Tripolee awaits, ready to immerse you in a world of electronic music and energizing vibes.

Located just inside the venue gates, Tripolee boasts the distinction of being the first stage to start playing music and often the last to stop. This dynamic stage will captivate you with its electrifying lineup, featuring an array of electronic artists. Additionally, Tripolee offers morning yoga sessions, providing a serene start to your day before the music takes center stage.

In 2023, Tripolee undergoes an exciting redesign, with hints from HQ suggesting the inclusion of projection mapping technology, similar to the impressive Sherwood Court redesign in 2022. Prepare to be dazzled by mesmerizing visuals and immersive artistry, enhancing your experience at this iconic stage.

Within the Tripolee area, you’ll find an array of amenities to enhance your festival adventure. Take a ride on the ferris wheel, explore multiple locations offering alcoholic beverages, and stay hydrated at the water refill station. A dedicated first aid medical tent ensures your safety and well-being, while a tethered hot air balloon ride offers a unique vantage point of the festival grounds. Indulge in delectable culinary delights at the food tents and find respite at the restrooms conveniently located within the vicinity.

For those in the Good Life VIP area, the exclusive VIP viewing area awaits you on the right side of the stage, providing a premium vantage point to witness the magic unfold.

While Tripolee offers a wealth of amenities and thrilling performances, it has faced criticism for its lack of shade. Be prepared to embrace the elements and immerse yourself in the pulsating energy of the stage, under the open skies.

As you venture between Tripolee and Ranch Arena, discover an engaging space filled with captivating art installations and the presence of a majestic willow tree (although not the famous Giving Tree). Quench your thirst at the water refill station, providing filtered water in previous years, and navigate the landscape that includes a challenging hill, known to be a bit of an annoyance but adds a unique character to the area.

Ranch Arena (Main Stage)

As you approach the Ranch Arena, you’ll discover a vibrant hub of activity. Explore the official merchandise tent, where you can find festival memorabilia and merchandise to commemorate your Electric Forest journey. Numerous food and craft vendors tantalize your taste buds with a variety of delicious treats and unique artisanal creations. Bars are strategically placed throughout the area, allowing you to quench your thirst and enhance your festival experience.

Seek shade and respite beneath the trees that dot the Ranch Arena, providing a cool oasis amidst the excitement. A raised ADA platform ensures an inclusive experience for all attendees, offering a clear view of the stage and performances. Restrooms are conveniently located within the vicinity, allowing for quick and easy access.

The Ranch Arena also houses the expansive Good Life viewing area and lounge, situated to the right of the stage. This exclusive area provides a premium viewing experience for Good Life ticket holders, featuring upgraded restrooms, a bar with happy hour offerings, exclusive food vendors, comfortable seating, and a large shaded area to relax and recharge.

Exploring the northern edge of the Ranch Arena, you’ll encounter captivating art installations that add to the festival’s immersive atmosphere. For those seeking a moment of relaxation, limited space is available to hang hammocks on a first-come, first-served basis—claim your spot and revel in the tranquility of the festival environment.

Additionally, this area provides two entrances to the enchanting Sherwood Forest, allowing you to seamlessly transition between the vibrant energy of the Ranch Arena and the captivating wonders of the forest.

The Observatory

Located within the enchanting Sherwood Forest, the Observatory is a captivating stage that showcases smaller electronic acts. With its towering and wooden structure, the Observatory offers a unique vantage point for attendees to enjoy performances from above. 

The stage is adorned with vendor booths that line the outside, offering craft gifts and trinkets for festival-goers to explore. While the Observatory provides an intimate and immersive experience, its smaller size and limited entrances to the main pit area can result in crowded moments. 


Built in 2019, this stage features a central performance area surrounded by seating structures, inviting you to relax and enjoy the company of your squad. The Honeycomb is known for hosting unique acts, ranging from dance battles and beatboxers to acoustic sets and even a Pride parade. With its intimate setting, this smallest stage at the festival offers an up-close and personal experience, creating a truly memorable and immersive atmosphere for all attendees.

The Grand Artique

Within this enchanting space, you’ll discover a myriad of delights and surprises.

Take center stage at The Grand Artique, where captivating performances and hidden events await. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as talented artists bring their unique creations to life.

Indulge your sweet tooth at the candy store, offering an array of delectable treats to satisfy your cravings. Take a moment to send postcards to yourself or loved ones from the whimsical post office, ensuring a delightful surprise in the future. Remember to provide an actual address to ensure your postcards find their way home.

For a more intimate and immersive encounter, consider visiting The Grand Artique during larger events that draw crowds elsewhere. Embrace the opportunity to explore this enchanting space when it is less frequented, allowing for a more personal and intimate connection with the art installation.

Sherwood Court

This lively stage area underwent a new design in 2022, creating an even more immersive experience for festival-goers.

As you enter Sherwood Court, your eyes will be drawn to the vendors lining the north side of the field, offering a wide array of captivating items to explore. To the south end, tantalizing food trucks await, ready to satisfy your culinary cravings and keep your energy levels high.

On the southeast end of Sherwood Court, a magnificent craft beer garden beckons, providing the perfect spot to relax and sample a variety of flavorful brews. A water refill station is conveniently located nearby, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout your festival adventure.

Along the east side of the field, you’ll find a cluster of amenities to enhance your experience. Bathrooms are available for your convenience, ensuring easy access when nature calls. A Good Life entrance awaits, granting exclusive access to Good Life ticket holders. Near the entrance, a raised platform for ADA ensures an inclusive view of the stage, while a medical tent stands ready to provide assistance if needed.

Adjacent to the Good Life entrance, a dedicated Good Life viewing area offers an elevated vantage point to enjoy the performances, accompanied by upgraded bathrooms for added comfort. While shade may be limited, a small area to the front left of the stage provides respite from the sun, inviting you to relax and enjoy the music in a more comfortable setting.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Sherwood Court. Explore the vendor offerings, indulge in delicious culinary delights, and savor the flavors of the craft beer garden. Take a moment to appreciate the upgraded amenities and inclusive spaces designed to ensure a remarkable festival experience. 

Carousel Club

his expansive hangar-style tented stage offers a unique experience with its inclusion of sand, comfortable bleachers for seating, and enhanced air circulation compared to its predecessor.

Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest is home to an array of captivating experiences. Four stages—Honeycomb, The Observatory, Grand Artique Trading Post, and Silent Disco—come alive with mesmerizing performances. Multiple bars provide opportunities to quench your thirst and mingle with fellow festival-goers. A dedicated medical tent ensures your well-being throughout the festival.

Within the forest, you’ll encounter Reincarnation Village, an eclectic and vibrant hub of creativity. Delight in the presence of numerous art installations, each one a visual masterpiece. Find tranquility as you hang hammocks in designated zones, allowing for moments of relaxation amidst the enchanting surroundings.

Witness the awe-inspiring lighting design that illuminates Sherwood Forest, creating a captivating ambiance like no other. Navigate the forest with ease using the grid system marked by black boxes with numbers, providing a sense of direction and aiding in finding friends or responding to medical emergencies.

Discover the captivating Chapel, a space that hosts various themed events and showcases. From whimsical weddings to colorful displays, the Chapel offers a truly unique and immersive experience.

Don’t miss the Silent Disco, hosted by Hush Sounds, where you can slip on over-ear headphones and groove to the beats of two DJs, creating your own private dance party within the forest.

As you wander through Sherwood Forest, you’ll encounter notable returning art installations, including the library, the iconic “actual” Giving Tree, the mesmerizing Ocular Organ, and a rotating display of central art pieces from previous years. Prepare to be enthralled by the artistic expressions that surround you.

But be warned, this guide intentionally leaves out details because Sherwood Forest is a realm meant to be discovered and explored, not merely explained in a document

The Hangar

This captivating creation is the brainchild of the visionary behind the sensational Shebang, a visual extravaganza during Saturday night’s String Cheese Incident performance.

The Hangar unveils its mysteries later than the rest of the venue, opening its doors on the second through final day of the festival. Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure as you enter this unique space filled with surprises and delights.

Engage in the beginning part of the infamous scavenger hunt, igniting your spirit of exploration and curiosity. Delve into the game room, where fun and excitement await. Discover exclusive cocktails crafted with care, tantalizing your taste buds with innovative flavors. Uncover the secrets of the hidden bar, a haven for those in the know. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the poetry brothel, where words come alive in captivating performances.

To fully experience the wonders of The Hangar, it is advisable to arrive early and avoid the lines. Many fans make it a priority to explore this area first, drawn to the allure of its mysteries and the promise of unforgettable experiences.

The Good Life Stage 

Exclusive to Good Life wristband holders (or higher), the Good Life Stage lights up at night nearly an hour after the music within the venue stops. It’s conveniently located near food and vendors. Some BIG names play here, but there isn’t a good way to find out until you. It’s best to show up with an open-mind. Big names play here, but the schedule isn’t normally released. 

Vendors (Food/Drink/Merch)

As you walk north from Tripolee, you’ll find yourself in the Ranch Arena Lobby, a bustling area filled with vendors and official Electric Forest merchandise. Take your time to peruse the various shops, where you can find a wide range of festie gear to suit your style. Notably, the Conscious Alliance is also present, providing an opportunity to support efforts to feed the hungry while enjoying the festivities.

Venture further, and you’ll discover additional food, drink, and merchandise booths scattered throughout the festival grounds. Nestled around the Observatory stage, these enticing options offer a chance to refuel and indulge in tasty treats. Moreover, the edges of the Ranch and Sherwood Court stages are adorned with vendors ready to cater to your cravings and provide you with festival souvenirs.

Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is a testament to the fact that Electric Forest is not solely about the music—it’s an immersive experience that invites you to unlock hidden treasures and embark on thrilling quests.

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of the Scavenger Hunt, where mystery and adventure intertwine. Discover the unexpected as you explore each location, unlocking secrets and surprises along the way. Completing the hunt promises the chance to claim various prizes, ensuring that your efforts are rewarded with unique and memorable treasures.

The Campgrounds

Information about specific campground are available in the LODGING Section of this guide. 


Main Street

Visit Main Street during Wednesday’s early arrival and throughout the festival. It’s a designated row of vendors located right outside the main festival entrance (one that leads to Tripolee Stage). It’s the best place for EF shopping, diverse food options, and entertainment. 

Pro-tip: Ask the vendors about special contests or scavenger hunts. Personally, I’ve won EF exclusive pins and camel packs here. Nobody is really looking for those here. So, good luck! Odds are actually in your favor. 

The Brainery

“The Forest Family Overflows with Knowledge.” Located smack-dab in the middle of Main Street, The Brainery encourages Forest Family to come together to learn from and be inspired by one another. It’s a place where experiences come alive via workshops and classes. Meet-ups, meditation, crafts, play and so much more happen here. 

RV Afterparties

Not ready for the party to stop? Pop over to the RV afterparties that take place in the General Admission RV zone. Here RVs organize their own line ups, even having artists from the festival pop in for a spin.  It’s free + open to the EF public.  

If you’re staying in Good Life (or elsewhere), you can take the shuttle here. 

Pro-tip: Bring ear plugs if you’re staying in GA and want to sleep sometime.  Music never stops. The noise never stops. 

[LINK THEIR FB GROUPS] – Sam to linkie link

VII. The Culture



Embrace the spirit of giving and connection at Electric Forest through the cherished tradition of gifting. While not unique to the festival, gifting holds a special place in its vibrant culture. The essence of gifting lies in the act of offering something to another person without any expectation of receiving something in return.

Gifting extends beyond the realm of physical objects. It’s about creating moments of joy and connection. Common gifts exchanged at Electric Forest range from colorful kandi bracelets and stickers to small treats like gum or candy. Some festival-goers even craft intricate handmade trinkets and necklaces, adding a touch of creativity and personalization to their offerings.

Engaging in the art of gifting can be a wonderful way to forge new connections and make memorable interactions. It opens doors for spontaneous encounters and fosters a sense of community among festival attendees. Whether you’re giving or receiving a gift, the exchange becomes a symbol of shared experiences and positive energy.

The Giving Tree(s)

Within the enchanting realm of Electric Forest, the spirit of giving extends to two iconic landmarks: The Giving Trees. These cherished spots provide opportunities for festival-goers to engage in the beautiful act of sharing and receiving.

The “real” Giving Tree is a charming small tree adorned with shelves, lights, and a sign that proudly declares its purpose. Located somewhere within Sherwood Forest, this hidden gem invites you to leave a gift, take a gift, or simply contribute to the collective exchange of positive energy. Though it may be challenging to find, the journey is part of the adventure.

Another notable Giving Tree, albeit unofficial, is a majestic oak tree situated off to the right when walking from Tripolee to Ranch. Its presence is often accompanied by a lively crowd, making it a vibrant hub of gifting and connection.

When participating in the Giving Tree experience, it is essential to adhere to a crucial rule: NO TRASH. The Giving Tree is not a place to discard unwanted items or remnants. Instead, it thrives on meaningful contributions that spark joy and create a sense of wonder for fellow foresters. By respecting this rule, we preserve the purity of the giving spirit and ensure that the gifts exchanged remain treasured tokens of connection.


Electric Forest is a vibrant tapestry of customs and traditions that add to the unique atmosphere of the festival. As you immerse yourself in this magical realm, you may encounter some Electric Forest-specific rituals and practices that embody the spirit of camaraderie and celebration.

  • One beloved tradition is the high-five train that forms during the zig-zag journey through the barricades to the festival entrance. This infectious display of positivity and connection sets the tone for an unforgettable experience, as foresters exchange high-fives with fellow festival-goers, building an atmosphere of excitement and unity.
  • Another notable custom is the exclamation of “CARL!” echoing through the forest. While the origins of this tradition may be shrouded in myth, the story goes that Carl got lost one year, prompting his friends to shout his name in hopes of reuniting. This spirited callout has become a whimsical and endearing part of Electric Forest lore.
  • When encountering fellow foresters along the way, it is customary to greet them with a heartfelt “Happy Forest!” This warm and inclusive salutation serves as an unofficial greeting among festival-goers, fostering a sense of community and shared joy. Whether it’s exchanging well wishes with a fellow traveler at a gas station or grocery store, or meeting new friends within the festival grounds, “Happy Forest!” captures the essence of the Electric Forest experience.

Kindness for the Police

Look out for the dedicated and friendly horseback patrols that roam the campgrounds and venue at Electric Forest. These vigilant guardians are here to ensure your safety and well-being throughout the festival. You’ll spot them lending a helping hand to those in need, providing assistance to individuals who may have fainted or require medical attention. Their presence is a reassuring sight, emphasizing their commitment to creating a secure and enjoyable environment for all attendees.

These diligent patrols also play a vital role in maintaining a safe and regulated atmosphere by preventing the unauthorized sale of drugs or other items. Their efforts contribute to upholding the festival’s rules and regulations, fostering an environment of respect and adherence to permit requirements.

Interacting with these remarkable individuals is an opportunity to extend gratitude and appreciation. Embrace the Electric Forest spirit by showing kindness, offering high-fives, or sharing kandi with these dedicated patrol members. Many of them express genuine astonishment at the privilege of being part of the festival experience, and their friendly demeanor reflects their passion for ensuring a positive and memorable time for everyone.

VIII. Safety & Survival at the Electric Forest

Harm Reduction

At Electric Forest, various forms of harm reduction are in place to prioritize the safety and well-being of attendees. From substance testing services provided by organizations like the Bunk Police and Dancesafe to the presence of medical tents throughout the festival grounds, efforts are made to promote a responsible and secure environment.

Testing kits and resources are readily available in the campgrounds, allowing individuals to verify the contents of their substances and reduce the risk of consuming tainted substances. If assistance is needed, do not hesitate to seek help from medical staff who are trained to provide support without judgment or punitive measures.

Harm reduction extends beyond substance use to encompass other important aspects of well-being. Taking breaks when needed, staying hydrated at the water stations, seeking shade or applying sunscreen to protect against the sun’s rays, and ensuring adequate nutrition through the diverse food vendors all contribute to a safer festival experience.

Remember, harm reduction is a collective effort that requires everyone’s participation. By being mindful of your own well-being and looking out for one another, we can create an environment where everyone can enjoy the music and festivities responsibly.

Ear Safety

Protecting your hearing is crucial at Electric Forest, where exposure to loud music can potentially lead to permanent damage. While the festival takes place outdoors, being close to stages or attending shows in indoor venues increases the risk. Opt for hi-fi earplugs, such as Earrasers, Eargasms, Etymotic, or Westones, which provide hearing protection while maintaining music clarity and allowing for conversations. Proper fit is essential, so choose earplugs that are comfortable and effectively block sound. 


Stay hydrated with the free water stations available throughout the campgrounds and venue. Hydration packs or reusable water bottles are essential, and you can easily locate the water refill stations in the campgrounds by spotting the large inflatable animal-shaped balloons. These stations also offer showers and bathrooms.

For reliable hydration packs, consider reputable brands like Camelbak and Osprey. Look for models that include storage compartments for added convenience. While some brands may have a more “rave” aesthetic, prioritize quality over appearance to ensure durability and functionality.


Proper footwear is essential for a great Electric Forest experience. If you enjoy dancing barefoot in the grass or listening to String Cheese at Ranch, consider sandals like Tevas, Chacos, Birkenstocks, or flip-flops. Having them handy for quick trips to the bathroom can be a gamechanger.

For a more practical and closed-toe option, trail/running shoes/boots or combat boots provide extra arch support and protection from wood chips and accidental toe-stepping. Brands like Hoka, Merrell, and Doc Marten are often recommended.

Comfort and the ability to walk long distances are key factors when choosing footwear. Electric Forest is a large festival, and walking 10+ miles a day is common, not to mention all the time spent dancing. Prioritize both comfort and functionality to ensure an enjoyable experience at Electric Forest.


Weather at Electric Forest is unpredictable, so it’s best to be prepared for anything. While we don’t discuss weather until closer to the festival, it’s important to expect storms as they often occur. Temperatures can range from high 40s/low 50s to mid 90s, with generally mild and humid conditions.

Pack clothing for rain, cold, and hot weather. During the day, wear lighter clothes and consider carrying evening attire or going back to camp. Renting a locker is helpful, providing space to store extra clothes and a battery pack for charging.

If you plan to stay up until sunrise at the RVs, bring a jacket for the colder morning hours. If your tent gets too hot, consider sleeping outside under a canopy or bringing a hammock into the venue for a nap.



While Electric Forest offers a chance to disconnect, it’s common for friends to get lost or want to meet up. Due to the high volume of people, making calls or sending texts can be challenging.

The easiest method to meet up is to set a specific time and place. Keep in mind that it may take longer than expected to navigate the festival, and people can get distracted. Have a backup plan in case someone doesn’t show up.

Walkie-talkies can be a good option, but cheaper ones may have limited range, and they may not work well near stages due to noise. Cell phone communication relies on spotty signal, so don’t expect reliable coverage. It’s best to assume limited connectivity and avoid using your phone for data-intensive tasks. In the past, AT&T and Verizon have had better coverage in the area, but technology and coverage can change.

IX. A Typical Day in the Electric Forest


Mornings at Electric Forest can vary in terms of comfort depending on the weather and how well you set up your tent for shade. Michigan weather can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be prepared for either rain or bright sunshine by 7 AM. Start your day by relaxing at your campsite, grabbing breakfast on Main Street (Good Lifers can head west towards the Forest for breakfast options), and most importantly, staying hydrated.

Water is essential for your Forest experience, as it keeps you energized throughout the day. Consider adding Pedialyte powder packs to your morning water for an electrolyte and vitamin boost. While caffeine and alcohol may have their appeal, water should be your first drink of the day to ensure proper hydration and well-being.

Venue Opening

(For Thursday only:)

To avoid the long and overwhelming line to enter the Forest when it opens on Thursday, the best strategy is to get in line earlier. It’s a known fact that the line can be slow and crowded due to the large number of people trying to enter the venue at once. If you have specific sets you want to see before 4 or 5 PM on Thursday, it’s recommended to arrive at the line several hours earlier when it begins forming. This way, you can maximize your chances of entering the Forest in a timely manner and not miss out on any performances.

(For every other day:)

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Forest opens at noon. In addition, if you’re looking for a great way to kickstart your day and get active, participating in group yoga at Tripolee can be an excellent option. It allows you to engage in physical activity and shake off any residual effects from the previous night’s festivities.


To minimize fatigue from frequent trips back and forth to your campsite, it’s advisable to come prepared with essential items to address both cold and hot weather conditions, as well as to ensure comfort during sets. If your camp is far from the entrance, carrying a well-stocked pack can be beneficial. However, if you prefer to travel light, renting a locker inside the venue is a highly recommended alternative.

A typical pack for your festival adventures might include:

  • Hydration pack with storage compartments
  • Sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun
  • Sunglasses for eye protection
  • A small blanket or tapestry to sit on during performances
  • If the weather is cool, a sweatshirt to keep you warm

Having these items on hand will help you stay hydrated, protected from the sun, and comfortable while enjoying the sets.


As the sun sets late at Electric Forest, the real magic begins during the night hours. Take advantage of the opportunity around dinner time to return to your camp, have a meal, switch your gear for the darker hours, and prepare for an enchanting show.

Make sure to come prepared with your totems, flow art, and costumes to fully immerse yourself in the fantastic nighttime experience. Sherwood Forest undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, becoming a realm of wonder where reality blurs. Explore the forest at night to discover a different dimension filled with captivating characters, art installations, and stages revealing their true essence under the cover of darkness.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Stay hydrated even when it’s not hot and sunny.
  • Pay attention to the stories and messages shared by the Forest and its inhabitants, as they often contain hidden truths.
  • Equip each member of your group with a glow stick, LED toy, or other long-lasting light-up object attached to a consistent location on their gear. This will help you stay connected and navigate through crowds without a totem.
  • Carry a separate light source, such as a flashlight or headlamp, for navigating the sometimes dimly lit porta-potties.

Embrace the night at Electric Forest and let yourself be captivated by the otherworldly experiences that await you.


Even after the official closing time of the Forest around 3-4 AM, your night doesn’t have to end.

As you make your way back to camp, take a detour to Main Street and explore the vendors’ offerings. Additionally, check out the larger camp installations in the General Admission area to see what activities and events are happening.

If you haven’t been fully tuned in to the late-night happenings, you’ll quickly discover the vibrant energy that thrives during these hours. The Forest’s inhabitants, including fellow attendees, contribute to the unique and magical atmosphere of Sherwood. Take the opportunity to witness the incredible efforts of dedicated teams who passionately create unforgettable experiences for everyone.

X. Leaving An Electric Forest Wedding

Typically, it’s easiest to pack up as much of your camp during the day on Sunday as you can, leaving only your sleeping arrangements, shade tent, and camp essentials out. You’ll be thankful you did this when the next morning rolls around.

If you arrived during the time most people arrived at the festival, then leaving will not be a particularly jarring experience. Just like it takes time to get tens of thousands of people inside the gates, it takes time to get those same people out the same roads to the various highways near Rothbury. It is this morning that is the reason you have your vehicle full of gas when you enter the festival grounds originally. You do not want to be trying to save fuel while sitting around in the heat waiting to leave.

If you need to be out of the festival grounds without issue, you should be up and packed by 8-9 AM. If you don’t really care, then you just need to be packed up by Noon.

Leaving means that you’ve completely packed up your camp and cleaned up all of your garbage. HQ is kind enough to provide clean up services, but we can still make it less of a challenge by ensuring ALL trash (Seriously, everything. Even the little bits of confetti.) is in bags and placed in a central location in what used to be your campsite. Many people bring their trash to the end of the lane they are camped in to assist volunteers.

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