Omaha Wedding Vendor Recommendation List

The right people for your soul hear you differently. Show up differently. Support you differently. Nourish you differently. That’s how you’ll know. You will feel safe, seen, secure. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually with these people. These people are the people that deserve to have access to you because not everybody deserves to have access to you. The right people foster an environment – outwardly and inwardly for you to grow, heal and evolve. This is not just for intimate relationships with a boyfriend or girlfriend. It goes for friends and family! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them. You can meet a new person in your life that makes you feel this way compared to someone you’ve known for twenty-years. Your soul deserves to have that peace. Your soul deserves to feel safe, seen, and secure on all levels. So when we start surrounding ourselves with those people; our life becomes more peaceful and meaningful.

These are My People:

Omaha Hair & Make-up:

Raeven at Lash Karma

Omaha Wedding Photographer & Videographer:

Kaleb Duncan Photography

Omaha Wedding Officiant:

I Tie The Knots

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